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The Site all about homelab and Raspberry Pi!
Welcome to my blog that is all about homelab and raspberry pi.
I recently had a failing website due to an insecure plugin, unfortunalty it seems my backups are just spaceusers as i can’t get them back online, lessons learned i guess?
Well I did have backups, even on 2 places, they seem to have been corrupt from the start.

So lets start all over again, this time including my Home lab in the blog and actualy updating it again (yes it has been more than a year)

  • PiHole LXC container
    Pi-hole, a network-wide ad blocker, paired with LXC (Linux Containers) provides enhanced privacy and optimized network management. This guide details installing Pi-hole on a Debian LXC container within a Proxmox environment, setting up configurations, and adding blocklists for improved content control. The combination promises robust network security and a better browsing experience by reducing unwanted content and protecting against threats.
  • SSH clients
    SSH, or Secure Shell, is a cryptographic network protocol that provides a secure way to access and manage devices over… Verder lezen over SSH clients
  • Your first RPi Experience
    This content provides a guide on booting and connecting to a Raspberry Pi using an SD card. It covers the initial setup process, finding the IP address, and connecting via SSH using MobaXterm. Once connected, users can explore and utilize the Raspberry Pi freely.
  • NTP
    This tutorial will show you how to sync and manage the time on your Raspberry Pi and in your home… Verder lezen over NTP
  • Creating an SD card, 2023 Update
    Since the original tutorial was written a few years ago a lot has changed in the land of the Raspberry… Verder lezen over Creating an SD card, 2023 Update