This tutorial will show you how to sync and manage the time on your Raspberry Pi and in your home lab. note that this is not limited to the raspberry pi, but can be used on all linux distro’s. As the Pi has no built in real time clock to maintain its time we’ll need… Verder lezen over NTP

Creating an SD card

Used equipment Introduction to the Raspbian OS Raspbian is the official OS created for all models of the Raspberry PI from 1 through 4,it often comes preinstalled on an SD with the purchase for an additional fee.However for those who do not have a preinstalled card we will walk you through howto install Raspbian and… Verder lezen over Creating an SD card

Getting started with Raspberry Pi

Used equipment – Any Raspberry pi (preferably a RPi 4, but an Pi 3 will do just fine)– Raspberry Pi power supply– Micro SD card– External Monitor & HDMI cable (or a VNC/SSH connection)– Keyboad en mouse when using external monitor What is the Raspberry Pi? The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board… Verder lezen over Getting started with Raspberry Pi